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Fill this form if you are requesting modification or new features in to the system.
Specify your exact requirements in detail.
Please note that this service will be charged at hourly basis. See below for details.
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Screen Modification
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Terms and Conditions

Upon the receipt of this document, we will contact you in relation to this request.

Phase 1 – Evaluation (minimum 1 hour charge at $145per hour, regardless of approval for go head)

We will evaluate your requirements and give you a brief estimate of TIME of delivery and COSTS involved.
The quotation will be forwarded to you via email. You will require responding via email or faxing for approval, then making payment for the quoted amount before any work will commence.

Phase 2 – Payment for development

Customer to make appropriate payment for all costs for development as per quotation. This may be broken to initial deposit then balance on delivery.

Phase 3 - Approval for analysis and design

Once approval and payment made, we will perform full analysis and design of system

Phase 4 – Delivery

We will test and apply all changes to the system on or before the due date.

By signing this document your are committing to development and upgrade of system. All fees for development will be borne by your company and must be pre paid before commencement of work.
The requested upgrade is not owned or specifically designed for your company and will be applied to the generic system as per our discretion as specified in the "Software licence agreement” under “6. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.” By signing this request you give our staff the authority to make physical changes to your company data or system functionality. We do not take any responsibility for any unforseen results that may occur. In cases where, unforseen results that have incurred, we will not be liable for any damages or loss of time in recovering the data

For any further queries please contact us via:
Tel: In Australia 03 9645 8601
International +61 3 9645 8601

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