SMS Account Application (SMSAA)

Fill this form if you are requesting setup for SMS, used within ClicPOS system. You can use the SMS to send message to any mobile number, including your employees, customers, etc. Service fee is 22 cents per message, invoiced monthly.

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Name   Date of Request 25/05/2024
Job Title Company Name  
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Phone   Fax
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Your Sender Identification (Originator)
You can now specify an identification on the message being sent. Allows recipient to view and/or reply to the message.
Two options for message identification.
1. Specify Originator (Either your Mobile number or Company name) OR
2. Apply for a Virtual Number (Where your details are anonymous, and any reply messages are emailed to you)

Option One(Free Service) Originator
You can assign a Sender Identification (Originator) to be displayed on each message you send. This can be:
- Mobile Number OR Your Company Name
Please select one of these two options
Mobile Number  
(recipient can reply messages to nominated mobile number - most common)
Your Company Name  
(displayed as the originator)
Option Two (Charge service) Virtual Number Service
You can apply for a "Virtual Number". A Virtual Number is simply a mobile number assigned to your company (an anonymous mobile number), therefore when a recipient replies to your message, the message is converted in to an e-mail format, then sent to your nominated e-mail address. The Virtual Number fee is AU$55.00 per quarter.

Assign following branch(s) to access SMS service    
Nominate the branch(s) to use SMS service.


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