Request to Remove a Store / Department ( Form: REMSD )

Fill this form if you are requesting to REMOVE a store or department out of the system.
If you are no longer trading or closing down a store, you must make sure to delete or transfer all stock out of the store prior to
requesting the removal. If you wish, we can remove the details of stock out of the system.
Once we receive this order we will proceed with the removal of the store on the given date.
The removal of store means, you will no longer add or transfer stock to this store/department, however if there are previous sale details, then all data will be available through Global Reports.
One user licence will be removed as part of this request.

Any outstanding amount for this store will be billed to you on the next months invoice.

Your Details
Name   Date of Request 5/12/2021
Job Title Company Name  
Email     Company Login  
Phone   Fax
Authorised Person Name  

Store / Department to be removed

Store Name(as stated in the system)  
Three digit store code(as stated in the system)  
Date to be removed  Click to view calendar    Time     
Please choose one of the two options below

You must fill the Request for Database Modification ( Form: CRDB01 ) if you wish data to be removed by our office.



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