Store Addition For Existing Clients

Add Store Details
This area is used by existing clients to add a new store for their company.

For Example:
Company owns 10 RETAIL OUTLETS,
Company has HEAD OFFICE with in-house accountant,
and a WAREHOUSE to hold all incoming stock (to distribute to retail outlets as required)

You would add store name as 'Head Office' and store code, say '100'.
Then add 'Warehouse' with store code '110'.
Then add all your stores, using suburb name as Store Name eg 'Fairfield', store code '200', 'City Branch', store code '202' etc.

Store Name - You must choose a suitable name for the branch. The name may be the suburb, or shopping centre name etc. No more than 50 characters. You may also enter stores Dealer Code along the name. Eg. Fairfield- DC321
Store Code - A unique three digit, numeric code will be assigned to each branch. Usually first digit of postal code then 2 digits of store number. Eg. 201, represents NSW, Store number 1.
Address - Address of branch. Will appear on receipts/reports.
Tel/Fax Number and Email - Will appear on reports.

Company Login      Same as the Company Login for the ClickPOS System
Store Contact  
Store Code    
Store Tax %  
Tel No.  
Fax No
Date Format
Store Timezone
Time Difference (EST) min
Requested By  

Once you have entered all details, Click Submit Store Detail then Add your next store,
until all stores and departments are added.
These details will be sent to our help centre, and will be processed during work hours. Once the details are
checked, one of representatives will contact you via email to notify store addition.
Please note that you require to add your user details in the system to gain access to this store.
That is, go to Maintain | Card file | Employee
Then add all empoyees that requires access to this new store.

There is a once off store setup fee and ongoing monthly fees.
Please email for further information if required, otherwise these fees will be automatically added onto your next month invoice.


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